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Executive Summary

TronIT joined forces with SEQ.IST to develop ProcessEngine, a software that ensures accurate resource, cost, and time estimation. It provides a reliable, quick, and precise calculation that takes all possible outcomes into account. This state-of-the-art solution supports decision-making across different industries.


German company SEQ.IST, established in 2022, provides planning, cost, time, and resource estimation as well as quality management support to companies from various industries. SEQ.IST’s innovative methodology is based on the combination of best practices with an emphasis on processes.


Estimation methods on the market are expensive

Estimation methods can be expensive as they often require specialized software, tools, or expertise that needs to be implemented in an organization and/or require costly licenses, making them inaccessible to many organizations with limited budgets.


Other estimation methods suggest an unreliable outcome

Data and inputs used for these methods may be insufficient or outdated, leading to inaccurate or unreliable results. As a consequence, organizations may struggle to make informed decisions based on the information produced by these methods.


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The Solution

ProcessEngine is a SAAS solution designed to estimate cost, resources, and time, as well as a desired quality based on user input. The main difference of the SEQ.IST principle is the focus on processes and activities connected by triggers*. It calculates the optimal solutions and is able to provide different outcomes using various planning techniques. Unlike other solutions, ProcessEngine detects risks automatically and gives warnings.

Trigger* – An action that initiates another action. It is defined by specific criteria.

Technologis Backbone incorporates

Our software is designed to provide users with accurate and up-to-date information which is essential for effective resource planning. Our partners at TronIT did an exceptional job of developing a user-friendly platform that is both reliable and efficient, saving our users time and money. TronIT’s team recognized the significance of our vision and provided exceptional support through strategic and implementation expertise. ProcessEngine has been well received by users, who appreciate the ability to access information quickly and make informed decisions.

Thomas ArendsManaging Director, SEQ.IST

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