Turning unrelated plant data into connected, reliable smart business data


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Executive Summary

German Enterprise Linde Engineering requires to streamline and correlate plant data in order to optimize its processes and create a reliable data source – not only to thrive and optimize its own business, but also to meet customers’ needs today and in the future.

Linde partnered with TronIT to create the Backbone solution, based on the SAP XS Advanced Platform and SAP HANA DB.

About Linde

Linde Engineering is a global leader in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen. It has the largest liquid hydrogen capacity and distribution system in the world. The company also operates the world’s first high-purity hydrogen storage cavern coupled with an unrivalled pipeline network to reliably supply its customers. Linde is at the forefront in the transition to clean hydrogen and has installed over 180 hydrogen fueling stations and 80 hydrogen electrolysis plants worldwide.

The group has more than 1,000 process engineering patents and 4,000 completed
plant projects.


Enhance data reliability and project planning

An increasing amount of data and high number of loosely coupled engineering systems made it almost impossible to take timely, data-driven decisions in projects.


Meet client requirements

Linde’s customers require to digitally exchange plant and development information.


Get future-ready

Project development at Linde needed to be optimized, and the basis for advanced digital applications needed to be set.


We have successfully

designed developed improved optimized the majority

of applications

The Solution

Backbone provides a central information repository with qualified data and related documents on plants and projects as a single source of truth from a digital twin.

* BIP = Business Information Package
* RDL = Reference Data Library

Technologis Backbone incorporates

  • SAP HANA XS Advanced (SAP XSA)
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP UI5
  • SAP Fiori Elements
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Spring Boot
  • SonarQube
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Jenkins
  • Bitbucket
  • HTML 5, CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Odata
  • Json
  • Rest API
  • Talend, Jasper
  • ActiveMQ
  • ElasticsSearch

The name of the initiative says it all: Backbone.
For us, the IT team, the Backbone is one of the toughest and most challenging IT projects. But for the company, the Backbone is one of the key strategic, digital initiatives. It improves the quality and availability of information in project execution. The Backbone is also the a key enabler for other digital initiatives at Linde Engineering. With TronIT’s help and contribution in implementing the Backbone, we have started transforming from a document-driven to a data-driven company.

Josef-Werner SchwabSenior Enterprise Solution Architect, Linde Engineering

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