Implement reliable cyber security solution which will be able to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in client’s network

Metal - Engineering


01 Overview

Linde Engineering would like to offer to their client’s reliable cyber security solution which will be able to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their network. The challenge was to find, test and implement several solution’s and to choose the one which best fit to the needs of business and Linde’s customers.

02 About the customer

Linde Engineering develops process plants in the engineering, procurement and construction business, worldwide. The company focuses on market segments such as plants for the production of hydrogen and synthesis gases, oxygen and olefins as well as plants for natural gas treatment. The group has more than 1,000 process engineering patents and 4,000 completed plant projects.

03 What we did

The plan was to test less intrusive methods, passive instead of active, to collect the majority of information that is often queried by automated vulnerability and penetration testing tools. These methods are intended to allow collection of the necessary vulnerability information without the risk of causing a failure while testing.

04 Our process


Market research

Step 2

Create requirements table

Step 3

Choose top candidates and organize POC


Implement solution

Step 5

Analyse results

Step 6

Create report for steak holders

05 Deployment plan

Before proceeding to a full deployment, it is recommended that a final proof of concept deployment should be undertaken, to provide the opportunity for the product to be assessed in real world scenarios, over an extended period.

The proof of concept should last at least one month, should include representation of devices which can be found at customer’s plants and must test all required functionalities of the mandatory and desirable business requirements.

The PoC will also provide the opportunity for the support, project and service management teams to get hands-on with the product, and for feedback to be gathered and bugs ironed out prior to commitment to a full-scale deployment.

The POC will primarily be delivered using resources located in Munich fabrication network with support of Linde Engineering security engineers.

The process plants we are designing and building for our customers contain more and more automation and IT equipment in order to optimize plant operations and maintenance. This type of digitalization has to be accompanied by the appropriate cyber security measures.The team at TronIT understood this focus in cyber security and supported us with impressive strategic and implementation know-how. Their thoroughness made them the perfect fit for our needs.

Uli Hofmann, Head of IT, Linde Engineering

06 Conclusion

TronIT team performed all agreed POCs with different vendors and proposed which solution met the most of Linde’s requirements, based on agreed success criteria. This will help Linde client’s to increase cyber security and to identify as well as to mitigate vulnerabilities in their network.