How TronIT helped Linde thrive by turning unrelated plant data into connected, reliable smart business data

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01 Overview

German Enterprise Linde Engineering requires to streamline and correlate plant data in order to optimize its processes and create a reliable data source – not only to thrive and optimize its own business, but also to meet customers’ needs today and in the future.
Linde patnered with TronIT to create the Backbone solution, based on the SAP XS Advanced Platform and SAP HANA DB.

02 About the customer

Linde Engineering develops process plants in the engineering, procurement and construction business, worldwide. The company focuses on market segments such as plants for the production of hydrogen and synthesis gases, oxygen and olefins as well as plants for natural gas treatment. The group has more than 1,000 process engineering patents and 4,000 completed plant projects.

03 Why

An increasing amount of data and high number of loosely coupled engineering systems made it almost impossible to take timely, data-driven decisions in projects.

Linde’s customers require to digitally exchange plant and development information.

Project development at Linde needed to be optimized, and the basis for advanced digital applications needed to be set.

04 Our process


Learn and understand the vision and the project

Step 2

Integrate in the current design and development processes

Step 3

Plan, design, develop and optimize applications and processes

Step 4

Maintenance and bug fixing for all product applications

05 The Solution

Backbone provides a central information repository with qualified data and related documents on plants and projects as a single source of truth from a digital twin.

* BIP = Business Information Package
RDL = Reference Data Library

06 What we did

After the process of on-boarding the project – while leveraging the latest SAP technology – we have successfully designed, developed, improved and optimized the majority of applications on the Backbone:

Improvement of current applications based on specific user requirements.

Development of completely new applications, from requirements to production rollout. Design for applications and services in the SAP XS Advanced environment integrated into the Linde system landscape.

Consulting on tools and processes for application testing and deployment, with strong enforcement on latest SAP technologies.

07 Conclusion

Reduced operating cost by 90% through optimizing the cloud document store.
Brought down overall development time by 50%, while introducing latest SAP technologies (CAP, Fiori elements etc.).

Stabilized code and optimized code quality by introducing SonarQube.

Successfully designed, developed, tested, implemented and established centralized data repository with strong data output.

Optimized existing applications and fulfilled different business requirements of different departments within Linde.

08 Technologis Backbone incorporates

The name of the initiative says it all: Backbone. For us, the IT team, the Backbone is one of the toughest and most challenging IT projects. But for the company, the Backbone is one of the key strategic, digital initiatives. It improves the quality and availability of information in project execution. The Backbone is also the a key enabler for other digital initiatives at Linde Engineering. With TronIT’s help and contribution in implementing the Backbone, we have started transforming from a document-driven to a data-driven company.

Josef-Werner Schwab, Senior Enterprise Solution Architect, Linde Engineering

09 Why TronIT

We’re ideally equipped for solving business challenges of our customers – today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

We’re digital enablers, we’re innovators, we’re problem-solvers, we’re productivity facilitators, we’re time-to-market drivers.

We’re a team of highly motivated experts, with a passion for challenge and the dedication to finding the best tailored solutions for our customers.

We have a strong track record and many years of experience with the SAP XSA architecture and state-of-the-art technologies to solve business challenges.

We have helped many customers increase their productivity by up to 70 percent.

We always look beyond for smart solutions that help our customers reach time to market twice as fast.