Raising awareness about Artificial Intelligence and drive forward AI projects in the whole corporation, worldwide

Chemical industry


01 Overview

As part of its Digitalization efforts, the Linde corporation was looking for a partner to raise awareness about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and drive forward AI projects in the whole corporation, worldwide. TronIT has been selected to support these digitalization efforts due to our strong expertise in the AI domain and due to our ability to support development on any CMS platform including the existing one that Linde Gas uses. Project implementation was smooth, within the agreed timeframe. Today, the AI-related web portal is available on the Intranet network – to inspire employees to use it and apply to their own processes.

02 About the customer

The Linde plc is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company. Linde products and services can be found in nearly every industry, in more than 100 countries. The company’s mission is to make the world more productive every day, by providing high-quality solutions, technologies and services that make its customers more successful and help sustain and protect our planet.

03 What we did

Our task was to create a unique and highly user-friendly Web Portal with an ideal User Interface (UI), that would motivate and drive 60.000 Linde employees around the world to use and deploy AI tools for existing and planned projects, as well as to learn more about AI and its potential.

04 Our process


Get CMS ready

Step 2

Working on content

Step 3

UI / UX design



Step 5


Step 6

Publiching the Portal

05 Technology

The developers at TronIT have shown a great deal of skills and thought leadership around artificial intelligence and the difference it can make.

Dexin Luo, Head of AI Solutions and Technologies, Linde plc

06 Conclusion

With our agility in moving through the requirements, our knowledge, Linde.Digital unique vision and flexible approach on project implementation, we have successfully completed the project. This project was a great opportunity to work with one large company where creativity and knowledge sharing were the key aspects in making the task done.